Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rh.Linggi (N 01.99182: E 112.84604)

This is the site of Rh.Linggi. This community comprises of 34 bilik which is about 34 houses. The population is about 227 and they are mostly farmers. This site is prone to flooding and the last time it happens, the depth under the house was about 5ft.

The new site for the new longhouse is a bit further and it is on higher the way, how many fruit trees could you identify?

SK Ng.Yong (N 02.01196: E 112.81536)

SK Ng. Yong is situated just a few metres from the river bank of Rejang River. It is the hub of knowledge for about 192 students of which 167 are boarders.

The school has 7 classroom with one allocated for the preschool students. About 14 staff runs the daily business of this school.

Ng.Belawai ( N 02.01526: E112.81849)

This is the modern day sundry shop that is run by "tokay neo". It is like the supermarket where you could find almost anything that you need. Usually this type of shop is situated near the main river where folks from the nearby longhouses could easily get their supply.

Unlike the supermarket in the cities, here they also buy goods and commodities.........more like the onestop center.

Port Sylvia 1880 (N 02.04564: E 112.79982)

An old lady of the town. I was told than much of the wooden structure of this building was of the material from the original building.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Smile are on Candid Camera.

Friend from the Jungle

For the past three weeks or so, i have done lots of travelling into the rural areas. The mode of transportation is of course by boat. During that time, the water level is quite low and we did a lot pulling and pushing.

The journey upriver is incomplete if you did not transvere the jungle. The jungle is still thick eventhough there are logging activities around.

When you back from the jungle, make sure that you check every inch of your might bring back some "friend".......could be as little as one and as many as ten.


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