Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to go back

Time to bid farewell to old pal, wondering when will we meet again

For those who have passport and prefer traveling by land, to go back, they have to pass this check point

Others just buy a ticket and fly back.


Ready for makan. hungry ka, look as if you want to swallow the photographer

Wow....everybody so happy with my singing, next year i'll try my luck on AF7

Why, ah.......every time the boss sings, everybody looks so happy

Sorry guys, i am so full. I can't join in the conversation

Annual Meeting

All ears

A meeting within a meeting

Full concentration

At the end of the day......a pic to remember.

A night in Miri

The room we stayed for the night

The living room

The sofa

Where we enjoyed our breakfast. All these cost us RM 300++

Raft Safari Baleh-Kapit 2008

Starting Point at Rh.Milang

Some of the rafts that joined the Safari

"Rakit Berhias" of the UIP unit

UIP team in the agencies category. Both the teams finished the race, but we did not win any prizes. We hope to fare better in 2009.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rh.Gare,Sg.Kain (N 01.93988 :E 113.28214)

Entrance to Rh.Gare of Sungei Kain. This is a 28 door longhouse which has about inhabitants.

Out door view.


On April 17, 2008, this longhouse was chosen as the venue for the closing ceremony of of a community programme which was undertaken by the Sarawak Rivers Board/UNDP . It was called Community Programme for Water Transportation, Navigation and Safety Operation.

It was officiate by the DCM.

Rh.Gare,Sg.Kain (N 01.93988 :E 113.28214)

To ensure that all the Guest and VVIP will be free from insect bites, out door fogging is done.

To ensure that they are protected, even in the house, indoor fogging is done to.

Rh.Gare,Sg.Kain (N 01.93988 :E 113.28214)

Enterance to the "Pua Kumbu" exhibition Corner.

Some of the "Pua Kumbu" on display.

Decorating the "Ruai" with "Pua Kumbu".

Setting up of the "Ranyai".

It's a must , especially if VIP or VVIP is invited to a function.

Rh.Gare,Sg.Kain (N 01.93988 :E 113.28214)

After a hard's day work and preparation, a glass of "tuak" will be so refreshing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rh. Tinggom (N 02.18065: E 113.50531)

This is Rh.Tinggom of Ulu Mujong. It's a 24 door longhouse with about 200 inhabitants. It is also the last longhouse on Mujong river. The journey from KK Ng.Melinau to this longhouse takes about 3 hours.......during relatively low water level.

Transforming a traditional longhouse into a modern dwelling house is no means an easy task. Lots of money, sweat, scarifies and time is needed.

Man's best friend is still having a strong and close bond with him.

KK Ng.Melinau (N 02.09832: E 110.43093)

Situated at the junction of Sg.Melinau and Sg.Mujong, the clinic has 5 staff. KK Ng.Melinau is providing health and medical services to about 4740 people living in 25 longhouses. Within the operational area of this clinic, there are also 5 primary schools.

KK Ng.Melinau was officiated by En.Jawan Empaling, the then Parlimental Secretary of Ministry of Health on May the 28th. 1979.

Being in the rural doesn't mean that you are cut off from the rest of the world. By having both the internet access and phone services almost 24/ still can give the best medical and health services to the community.( Note the 2 parabola's )

Solar panels are used to harness the energy from the sun during the day. Excess power is stored in batteries, so there is relatively no shortage of power to run the internet and phone services.

During the night, diesel generator (in the hut next to the water tank) is used for supplying electricity.

Monday, April 7, 2008

500 visitors (N 02.31368: E 111.82667)

I started this blog on November the 4th 2007 @ 0113hrs........the 4th day i arrived here. Today, April the 7th 2008 @ 2130 hrs, my 500th visitor checked in. Thanks for you guys out there. The support you guys gave me is an inspiration for me to do better. I hope i could take up the challenge.

As you have noticed, there are some numbers in brackets along side the title of each entry. Those are co ordinates that i took using GPS etrex (Garmin). For those out there who has Google Earth you could just key in the co ordinates, to locate where those localities are.

But if you are to launch guided missiles..........the accuracy of GPS etrex (Garmin) is far less than Garmin 76 (i have this too)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

State Complex (N 02.01239:E112.92861)

This is the State ultra modern building.
This is the front view
This is the directory for the departments housed in this building.


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