Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KK Ng.Melinau (N 02.09832: E 110.43093)

Situated at the junction of Sg.Melinau and Sg.Mujong, the clinic has 5 staff. KK Ng.Melinau is providing health and medical services to about 4740 people living in 25 longhouses. Within the operational area of this clinic, there are also 5 primary schools.

KK Ng.Melinau was officiated by En.Jawan Empaling, the then Parlimental Secretary of Ministry of Health on May the 28th. 1979.

Being in the rural doesn't mean that you are cut off from the rest of the world. By having both the internet access and phone services almost 24/ still can give the best medical and health services to the community.( Note the 2 parabola's )

Solar panels are used to harness the energy from the sun during the day. Excess power is stored in batteries, so there is relatively no shortage of power to run the internet and phone services.

During the night, diesel generator (in the hut next to the water tank) is used for supplying electricity.

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