Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Help Needed

These are navigational markers are found and seen along the Rejang river, especially along the Tanjong Manis- Sarikei route.

As seen from certain angle, the markers look like these. These markers are also equipted with navigational lights which are powered by solar panels.

The perimeter surrounding these markers are regularly cleared and prevents the outgrowth from obstructing the view.

To me,these navigational markers are still a mistery. What are the meaning of these signs? Can some one help me out?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday :Not what you think

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

System Tagang

The above notice literally means, feeding the fish at "Sistem Tagang Sg.Engkatit" once a week commencing from 26 May 2008.

Sistem Tagang is basically a mean to maintain the ecological balance of a river. It also prevents unsystematic harvesting of fishes and other marine life. Tagang is an Iban word which means refrain and sistem tagang literally means, a system which refrains someone from catching fishes and other marine life and offenders will be dealt with rules and regulations that has been laid down by the Central Committee.

Caution : It is an offense to catch marine life between Lubuk Kelibang and Nanga Ransal. Whoever is caught doing so will be penalized in accordance with the rules and regulations that has been laid down by the Central Committee of Sistem Tagang, Sg. Engkatit, Yong,Kapit.

1.Equipment and any catch will be confiscated.
2.Cash penalty
i) From Rh.Semut and Rh. Lapek:-RM 50.00
ii) Outsiders:-RM 100.00
3.Report to Village Chief
4.Report to Police.

The site map for areas that are involved in this project.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Green Colors, Green Lights, and Odd Numbers:

These mark the edge of the channel on your port (left) side as you enter from the open sea or head upstream. Numbers usually will increase consecutively as you return from the open sea or head upstream.

Red Colors, Red Lights, and Even Numbers:

These mark the edge of the channel on your starboard (right) side as you enter from the open sea or head upstream. Numbers usually will increase consecutively as you return from the open sea or head upstream.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rh.Wong; Unfinished Project

One of my unfinish project for 2008 and i hope to continue it in 2009. When i was at Rh. Wong, the final stage of the process was not started yet. On top of that i could not get the pic. of the raw product. Then i came to another drawback, i could not find the common name and the one that i have is only the local one.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cairina moschata

A speckle-headed drake looks like ancient beast of horror. But then it is, drake will readily attack strangers. Beware, do not try to confront one.....

Quality Assurance Holiday Inn

Quality Assurance Scientific Seminar for the Public Health Program of the Ministry Of Health Malaysia was held in Holiday inn Hotel Kuching from 26 to 29 November 2008.

21 papers were presented by various units of the Public Health Program and besides oral presentation, 17 posters were also on display. This seminar was attended by some 300 participants from the nation.

Quality Assurance

Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Singut : The people

Our arrival was greeted by kids. They seems to be undisturbed by presence of strangers.

Some adults that we met in the Longhouse. Not many were present as our visit was unscheduled. During this time of the year, not many were at home as most of them are busy planting and tending their paddy fields. They farm lots were far away and they usually hitch hiked on logging vehicles.

The elders, especially the ladies have elongated ear lobes. This is a dying tradition as the younger generation does not fancy having long ears. Never the less, they do have their arms tattooed like their elders did.

Long Singut: Ruai

Long Singut being a Kenyah settlement has a very distinctive different in the long house outlook if compared to the Ibans.

This is what the ruai of Long Singut Longhouse looks like. It's more like a corridor where they have sitting platform made at the side.

In an Iban Longhouse, the corridor is walled and called the ruai and it serves as the common sitting room.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long Singut: The descent

This is the drop zone. Here you have to be prepared for the descent, which might take half an hour or so. The path might be slippery and your foot wear have to be proper or bare footed is also an option.

The hill side is steep and slippery. To make the steps, the hill side have to be dug in the shape of ladders. During early morning and rainy days, those steps are slippery, one missed step could land you in the valley below.

For those who are not used to this type of surface, a helpful hand from the local is very much needed.

To get across, we have to pass through this river.......Balleh River. The river is shallow and has rocky bottom and to make the matter worst, the flow is fast and swift. To navigate, the passage, the woman folks use poles.

Save and dry we reached the other side. Our drop zone was the one on the right of the pic.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long Singut :View

Long Singut is a Kenyah settlement and it is situated at the upper reaches of Balleh River, a tributary of the mighty Rejang River.

Majority of the Kenyah here were from Indonesia or were of Indonesian descendants as the Indonesian border is about one walking day away.

To reach the longhouse you have to walk on foot and mind you, the journey down was never plain sailing.

This is how Long Singut looks like from the main road. To reach here it's a whole day journey from Putai.

My food my mark

When passing by the jungle trek or logging camp roads, a sight like this is very much welcome for some people.

To the untrained eyes, there is nothing unique to this's just seems that, it is growing new leaves.

But if you are the deer hunter, it's a very good sign. The height from the ground level where the new leaves grows, shows how big the deer is.

This one shows that, the deer frequents this place regularly. This is evident from the recent nibbed bud.

This is another one.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What happened?

I was so disappointed.....what happened to my blog. I could not access it.
To make this entry, i have to do it from the dashboard.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changing Tide

In this pic you could observe that there is a very distinctive contrast on the surface of the water. On the left, the surface looks polluted and the one on the right looks clear. What causes this phenomenon?

Twice a day, there is a change of tides. When the tide is at it's ebb, the incoming and outgoing tides are very slow moving. This pic was taken at the estuary of Sarawak River. The sea was rather calm, so the confronting line could be seen clearly.

The continuous line made by the tides could be seen as far as the eyes could see.

The "battle" between the two tides will be dragging on. You'll only realized that it high tide by the gradual rise of water level.


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