Saturday, November 15, 2008

What happened?

I was so disappointed.....what happened to my blog. I could not access it.
To make this entry, i have to do it from the dashboard.


Rose Ragai said...

sometimes this is happen to me too but i also don't know why?

Husain and saif said...

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PerantauSepi1306 said...

Hmmmm never experience this before but i always use dashboard for new posting... it opened up automatically after i had signed up, right? if not you need to tick like some checkbox or sumething..

Highfly said...

You seem to have a forward happening on your site at the moment. Each time I try to go on your site it tries to forward me to an advert page. I have to press the stop button on my browser to stop the page forward. I am guessing you are using a new site to advertise your site or something like that. Maybe this is the reason you are having problems seeing your site.

Highfly said...

Just as an update on the page forward...

The page it is going to is I am guessing these people are causing the page forward on your site :(

It is a shame because you have a nice blog. Hope you fix the problems soon :)

Neurotic Mom said...

go through your template and take out anything that has to do with "grabmyadd" they seem to have hacked you


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