Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A night out

It rained,gently but never the less the evening was wasted in front of the TV. Nothing much to see and no choice on the channels.....only two.So i took my bath early and waited for the night.

Around 2000hrs i went to the open air stalls to have a bite. I choose the furthest stall so that i could sit peacefully. While waiting for my order, i try to make some observations of things happening around me.

About 15 stalls were operating and about the same number were closed. By the look of things there were not operated for some time. All stalls were attended by customers and it looks as if business was quite brisk.

Not far from me were an European couple, tourist i guess....or backpack travellers. This is not an unusual sight as i have seen many tourist coming in and out of this town. Recently a very notable British Lady was in town......the grand daughter of the last white rajah of Sarawak.

At the other stall, just across were a group of teens....still wearing foot ball jerseys. They were talking about Euro 2008. Not discussion or forum but more like arguments. Can't make much, just it seems that they are unhappy that Russia should lost to Israel. Ahh, boys will always be boys.

Then i saw a group of Indians passing by me. Wow, here we also have Bangla and Tambi?
Even though they were talking, to me it's just sound and noise. When i heard they mentioned SPM, STPM then i realized that they were fellow countryman. Thousand apologies.

When my order arrived i was quite surprised. My waiting time was so short and the food is still hot. Express service.

By the way, how's my Angelina Jolie's background?

See you another day

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