Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have been Tagged

I got this pic from your blog, sorry for not asking prior permission for the usage. As promised, here i listed some random facts about me. Any way it was my reply to teacher Maurine and i reproduce it here. Actually i do not have any interesting facts about me to share with.

Chronology of Random Events about Buwau98 that you should know.

1) 1990: Use the PC for the very first time, it was office one.

2) 1992: Bought my first PC. It was a 286 machine with 40 MB HDD, 2 MB of RAM and come
with a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.

3) 1995: Bought a US Robotic modem having a speed of 6BPS so as to have an internet access.

4) 1998: This was the year that i first chat with ICQ as my playground.

5) 2000: My PC was badly attacked by viruses and i was forced to retire prematurely from the world of WWW dot com.

6) 2007 (October): I was ordered to leave my Comfort Zone to the place that i should have visited 3 decades ago, which also happens to be the only division that i haven't set my foot on.

7) 2007 (November): Create the Discomfort Zone, which is my first cyber project.

8) 2008 (Jun):I was tagged for the first time and it was by Teacher Maurine.

9)2009 (Jan): I was tagged again and this time by my life is my choice

Many thanks for the tag.


suituapui said...

Oh? You're not originally from that place?...All about your cyber life - no personal info. Married or not?

Rose Ragai said...

Thanks for join the game. It's up to you on the info about yourself that you want to tell us. But, i like your post. :)


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