Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kabong once upon a time was a prime supplier of ripe coconut for the Sibu and Sarikei market. The supply was steady and could meet the demand and no problem of shortage. But that was many years ago. Now the scenario has changed dramatically. Many time, ripe coconut was scarce and the price of Santan (coconut milk) rose up.

What caused the problem? On my trip to Kabong recently that i found out that, the coconut trees had grown old and less productive. Besides, the land for coconut has been planted with palm oil instead of replanted with coconuts.

Besides coconut, Kabong is also producing Mempelam (a type of Mango) which commands a good market price.....a kilo of young fruit could fetch a price of RM 6.00 t0 RM 8.00. Now Mempelam trees are still flowering (on the right side of the pic).

The coconut tree on the left is at the prime age and bearing a lot of fruit. This was the common sight many years ago. In the fore ground you could see green vegetation. This is not grass but paddy field. Harvesting has just been completed. Soon they will be having Pesta Beras Wangi (Fragrance Rice Festival). Is Kabong also producing Fragrance Rice?

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