Saturday, May 30, 2009

Special Thanks to Online Marketing

I Learn Online Marketing....... that's the catch phrase that i could gather from this blog.

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5/26 10:30 Reasons Why People are fail on Online Business
The internet can be said as a money machine for some people. Those who are gain a big success on the internet world is automatically gain million dollars. We can take for example the creator of Google or the 26 years old new millionaire who creates...
5/23 8:34 Reasons for Social Bookmarking Your Website
If you have some interesting articles or information on your blog, you may want to share it to other people. It might be useful for other people. Besides that, you also can increase the traffic of your website and blog. You can put all the attractive...
5/14 8:35 Differences on Traffic Exchange Types
Once we created a website, especially the website for our company or business, we surely want to make it as one of the advertisement tool for our business. We want to get as many visitors as possible to visit our website. You need to have high...
5/08 10:27 Win the Recession Challenge with SEO
In recession period when the economic activities in its lowest level the chances to gain more profit in business is really small. The odds to promoting your products also decreasing and since it is the only way to introduce your new products to your...

Advert approval stats

Average advert is approved in 7 hours
A low time means the owner takes their buyers seriously and doesn't tie up their credits.
0.00% of advert requests declined
Higher percentages suggest a more discerning site owner, applicants should check their advert is likely to fit with the blog topic and format
0.00% of approved requests declined
Higher percentages indicate a risk of last-minute cancellation

Well......thanks guy for being regularly visiting my blog

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You are very welcome, Discomfort Zone. I Also want to thank you for this post.. :) happy weekend!! once again, thanks a lot.


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