Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home bound

Home bound aka balik kampung is a must for those living far away from the home village or home town. As Sibu is the melting pot for the various races of the central zone, festive season means that Sibu becomes the focal point for those who wishes to celebrate in their respective village.

This is "Kapit Wharf" where express boats plying downstream Rejang River berths. These folks were waiting for express boats plying the Sibu-Daro route. These boats regular service starts at 0730hrs and the last boat will leave at about 1530hrs.

For those who does not wish to be seated in a crowded boat, speed boat services is also available. But this service is usually rendered as contract, meaning that you have to contract one trip and it's non stop trip.

Express boat service is by the hour, it's cheap but it's a stage journey. Express boat operators have to abide to strict rules laid out by the authorities. All passenger must be seated inside and heavy penalty will be imposed on the operator if found to be carrying excess passenger.


Sandra said...

Would love to know why you choose your profile picture? Do you know him? He seems to me someone that you would not likely forget. :)

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well these are some really nice pics.


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