Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Trip

Wow, the water level seems to be high and rising. That's not a good sign for those farmers who plants "hill paddy". By right they should have completed the burning cycle and starts planting. But then rain comes almost every week (i'll be posting about hill paddy later). For the next half month. i'll be in my comfort zone.

At this time of the year, not much passengers for these express boats. When the schools holidays starts and festive season comes, the volume of passengers will be extra ordinary huge. One of these boats can carry up to 120 passengers, while the larger ones can accommodate up to 200 people per trip.

Not only people are transported by these boats. They also carry cargo such as foodstuff and livestock. Cargo are loaded on the top and covered with canvas so as to prevent them from being blown away or getting wet if it rains.

This is the inside view in the economic class. The smaller boats have 5 seats in a row whereas the bigger ones have 6. The journey is quite long , almost 3 hours downstream. As for upward journey it is anything from 3.5 to 4 hours.

A TV set is provided. Usually they show the latest film and the format is DVD.As for me, half way through the journey, i usually fall asleep.

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