Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After a hard day's work

While relaxing, a glass of "ijok" will be refreshing. "Ijok" is a type of wild palm ,the flower of which produces a milky sort of sap......which is locally called "Ayer Ijok". The process of obtaining "ayer ijok" is a bit tricky.......i'll explain this in the future.

This "ayer ijok" is non alcoholic in nature and thus not much fun or kick in drinking it. To make the drinking session more fun and enjoying, a type of tree bark is added in. This will start a fermentation process which release alcohol and the effect is some sort of slow but sooting. You'll only feel the "kick" after a few glasses.

After the drinking session, it's time to have dinner. In this way, you'll be in a win-win situation. What goes in should not goes out in the same way. If you eat first, then having a drinking session, this might not be true.......kih kih kih.

Well, it's time to go.

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