Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Floating Supermarket

This is the famous "Bandung" (Floating Supermarket) of the Rejang River. Usually supplies and goods that are loaded into these "bandungs" are from Sibu. Like wise, whatever commodities that are bought from upriver are then uploaded in Sibu. These "bandungs" usually make thier stop in places that do not have village shop.

This is the entrance. Those drums are storage for fuel for sale. Stacks alongside are usually fertilizers or animal feed. Also this space is used for storage of commodities like rubber sheets ,pepper or scrap metals. The living quarters is usually behind those locked doors.

This is how the inside looks like. This is the main area where goods for sale are on display. The freezers are for frozen meat and fish. Sometimes, they also buy meat (wild boar) and fish (exotic) and resale them along the way.

Space is indeed what it lacks. It was so crowded that you barely can move around.

Do you sacrifice safety for money? What if fire broke inside here, do you have time or is there space for you to make an escape?

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