Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ways of generating Income

These are rubber sheets and the smell here is terrible. Even though the smell is so strong, the cash from the sale is very encouraging. Price of rubber sheets like this could fetch prices up to RM 6.00++ per kilogram. (1USD=RM 3.30)

These are not rubbish. This is where they dumped scrap metals. Aluminum cans cost about RM 5.00++ per kilogram, bottles about RM0.20 each, Iron at RM0.50 per kilogram and used car batteries cost more than RM 10.00 each. So what do you see............heaps of money.

Fighting cocks are reared and bred just for one purpose, and that is for fighting. They are the warrior of the fowl world. They are trained day in day out and they are as fit as a fiddle and as ready as the soldiers.

This is a typical arena where cock fighting takes place. It's not just a sport, it's a business. On that day bets are placed on the favorite cock. Few thousands RM changed hands and usually winner takes all. Champion cocks became favorite and could generate better bets during the future fight. The owner could wear a broad smile because he could gain more RM.

This is "labi-labi", yellow skin as in this case. When sold, this species could fetched a very good the range of RM 50 to RM 60.00 per kilogram. Usually the owner will keep this for his own consumption. The occasion will not be an ordinary one, as this one is fit for the king. But in Malaysia, the King cannot eat "labi-labi".

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