Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mystus nemurus

The base body colour of this catfish is light grey/brown with a greenish tinge. The lower half and underside of the body is whitish in colour. The caudal fin in adult specimens is whole or partially coloured bright red. Juvenile specimens have a whitish coloured caudal fin.

In its native habitat they are caught by seines, hook and line, gill nets, cast nets and traps and then taken to the local markets to be sold fresh.

The dorsal fin has 2 spines with 7 soft rays. The anal fin has 10-13 soft rays.
Base of adipose fin shorter than that of dorsal fin and about equal to that of anal fin. Barbels four pairs; nasal barbels extending to or beyond eyes, maxillary ones in anal fin, mandibulary ones beyond base of pectoral fins, mental ones 2/3 - 3/4 the distance between their base and insertion of pectoral fins. Head flattened rather than conical; rugose skull roof; depressed dorsal fin not reaching adipose fin; pectoral fin smooth in front.

Whilst this catfish is best described as a predator/carnivore in its natural habitat feeding on fish, insects, crabs and prawns; in captivity this catfish will feed on mussels, prawns, pieces of fish, earthworms and will even take prepared foods such as catfish pellets.

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Taste very delicious if smoked over open fire

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