Monday, June 30, 2008

Acorus calamus?

Is this Acorus calamus aka Jerangau. I was given this plant about six years ago. When i first planted it was about six inches tall. By age 3 it started flooring. This is the second time it flowers.

The stalk that you see on the right was flowering about 3 weeks ago and so was the one that you see now. From my previous observation...... about 3 years ago, the same stalk will produce flower for 3 times within 4-6 weeks before the stalk stop producing flower.

The flower petals were pale shades of yellow and don't last long. Within 48 hours the flower will withers.

This is the top view of the flower. Some time after the third flowering, the flower stalk will become new plant. In this case 3 new plants will emerge from those flower stalks.

I was hoping that viewers out there could give me some light as to what is the name of this plant. Once the flower stalks has grown into new plants i will post it again.

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RC Helicopter Pilot said...

thanks for sharing with me..wish this plant get great success.


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