Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Long House: Public Notice

Fire has been the major causes of long houses being burnt down. Most of the time this occurs when the long house was left unattended, as most of the occupants were out to tend their farms.
As precautionary measures, a sort of time table which has been agreed by all the inhabitants and each "bilek" or door take turns to look after the long house and scout for the bilik that did not put off their kitchen fire.

This notice translates :" Today is my turn to look after our long house. Whoever causes fire to the long house will be fined RM 30/-. This has been agreed by us in this long house."

A long house is a community. It is every body duty to keep the compound and surrounding clean and tidy at all time. The bigger the long house, harder it becomes to look after. It is the responsibility of of all to ensure that cleanliness is maintain at all times and thus a regular cleaning up time table is set up. It is a compulsory commitment and nobody is excused from participating.

This notice tranlates as :"New Regulations:-Whoever did not turn up during the general cleaning will be fined RM 30/-."


~Cinta Milo Ais~ said...

i don't know before that even a long house has a rule. very interesting. hope that i can go for a visit one day

RC Helicopter Pilot said...

its really a compulsory commitment .. no one can make any excuse.


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