Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fish offals

Exotic fish such as semah, tengadak or even empurau are very expensive and hard to come by. They are some sort of seasonal fish, only available when the river water is clear so as to say that the days are sunny and no rains. It was during this time that you could catch these fishes. How ever the catches were dwindling every season.

Not only the flesh of these fishes were consumed. The offals were also considered a delicacy and much sought after. Before the offals could be consumed, the gills and guts contains have to be removed.

Offals are washed and cleaned. Some salt is added and chopped chili peppers thrown in. The whole thing is put inside a cooking pot and cooked using fire wood.

Then it is served and eaten as an appetizer meaning that a spoon full is put on your plate and eaten with a mouth full of rice. The taste is a bit bitter and strong but taste full.


Anonymous said...

Ohh wow they look like Witchetty grubs :( said...

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~Cinta Milo Ais~ said...

wow..i guess it's yummy :D


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