Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long House: Bed and Breakfast

A night in the long house is a moment worthy of an everlasting memory. The place is not cozy nor graded with stars. The stay is more worthwhile if you sleep at the ruai.

The host will provide you with a pillow, blanket,mat and a mattress. The best experience is obtained if you sleep on the's cooling. Mosquito coils are lighted and set at the upper and lower ruai, next to where you sleep. These are to kill any mosquitoes that might be attracted by your presence. To wade out any evil spirits that might roam the night, a kerosene lamp is placed at the opposite side where you sleep.

The dawn will be cool and refreshing as the wind from the hills or river sweeps across the ruai. As such, no matter how late you sleep, definitely you'll wake up early.

Breakfast is early and is not what you think it would be. It is more like lunch time, just that the time was early morning; usually at about 7.00 am.

The rice and dishes were prepared by biliks and served at the headman (Tuai Rumah) ruai. If the long house is 20 doors long, then you'll have 20 dishes to choose from. Everybody that are present in the long house will sit together with you and enjoy the breakfast.


marinela said...

Well, interesting informations and point of views.

Anonymous said...

I could never do it nowdays, I am too set in my ways, but there is a lot to say for community living, and I think respect for each other is learnt rather than drummed in to a person.
Great pics also!! You can really "feel" being there from them. :)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What an interesting post. Great pics. It sounds like fun.

Best Regards, JJ

static brain said...

Where exactly were these pictures taken? I am always interested in learning new cultures, and of different societies. There is something to be said for the life of an explorer. I am an explorer and adventurer at heart. I have lived in three different countries so far. Whatever you could tell me about these people would be appreciated. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

~Cinta Milo Ais~ said...

kelantanese also eat rice with 'lauk pauk' as their breakfast..never thought peoples there also do the same


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