Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Faces: Dear and Close

The three faces that have built the league of their own; records and achievements to be proud of.
One being the the elected president for three different school clubs during a single year. The other achieve deans award in the first year, while the other broke the school record by being the first student to achieve all straight A's in 22 years. To top that, all three were born at different districts.

Thousands faces and thousand smiles but only one that always make my heart beats faster. The face that is permanently etched in my mind.
Three faces with smiles that light up my days and nights. The faces that make me proud.

The face and smile that will always reminds me, no matter how long, winding and dusty the road is, there is always smiles waiting for me at the other end.

The sweet and cute smile reminds me that my little girl has grown up.

The darling of the family and also handsome boy poses with a colourful character. These were the faces and smiles that were dear and close to me. I missed you all......................

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