Friday, August 8, 2008

Satelite and Services

Nowadays, no rural areas is remote enough. Physical accessibility may be difficult and needs much endurance. By utilizing the "world without border" concept, literally you could be anywhere at any time.
One of such utility is the usage of satellite dish for receiving TV signals. There are various types that you can purchase from the shop. The price range is very competitive. For fixed type (without motor) the range is RM 100.00 to RM 250.00, by adding another RM 100-RM 150, you'll get the motorized type.(1 USD=RM 3.20).
Since these dish are fixed type, the positioning determines the TV signals that they could receive.

If the dish is placed horizontally, as the one on the right, the signals will be from Indosat and as such, most of the TV channels are from Indonesia.

Slanting the dish a little bit, signals from Malaysian TV channels will be at it's best. Besides Malaysia, signals from other ASEAN countries could also be viewed.

The small dish next to the windows is solely for viewing "pay per view" service provided for Malaysian viewers. You choose what package you prefer, and they will charge you on that. Since this is a subscribe service, the popularity in the rural areas is not so high.

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FlowerGirl said...

Wow... There really is no such thing as rural anymore, huh? (Well, I know there is, but you know what I mean) Who would have thought positioning could mean so much??


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