Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dark Clouds

When the sky turns dark, shows that rain is on the way. If you are traveling in an open boat on the river, you have all the reasons to be afraid.

The view is very spectacular, but danger still lurk behind. If there is lightening, thunder and windy, the dangers are multiplies. Chances of being struck by lightening may be remote. Winds will makes the river choppy and the ride will be extremely uncomfortable.

As the clouds are getting heavy and heavier, and thunder rolls in the distance, your heart beats faster. What if it rains in the upper reaches of the river, half way to your destination. Knowing that, if it rains now, within the hour, the water level will rise drastically and the currents will be swift.

But, the light in the horizon indicates, that the wind is blowing the clouds away from the river. You saw hope and relief and feels happy that God has answered your silent prayer.The sky clears up and you could relax a bit. You can never know if the weather becomes better or getting worst.......


ThomasCSlater said...

Cool pictures! Did you take them? I took a photography class in college, it was alot of fun! I still got some the pics from it. I actually use them both one for my blogs, and one for blogcatalog account.

Jonathan Crouch said...

some really good photo's there. The weather in UK is dire at moment - dark by 8.45pm this evening!

We took a sneaky day off from the Fabulous Photo Gifts ( office Sunday to walk in the Goyt Valley (Derbyshire) as well as visit a 'hidden gardens'.

Pity about the insect bites - we weren't expecting those!

You can read more about our garden visit over at our blog.


Ed Torres said...

Beautiful pics.

Thanks for sharing them/

Eli Manning said...

well i always have blast when i take photographs.

linda said...

this is what you should write has meat, substance, not fluff...the rest seems superfluous, like you wanted to post something so that's what you pulled out of your hat. Write what you know, it's interesting to go where one has never gone before, even but for a moment.


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