Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long House : Sadau

This is what you'll observe in a "bilik" or "door" of an Iban long house. In the Iban community,
a "bilik" or "door" is equivalent to a single unit or house as you and me would normally see it.

In this view, you are standing in the bedroom or rather living space and facing the kitchen area.
The staircase leads to the "sadau".

This is what you'll see as you're standing in the kitchen area. You could clearly see that the room has two levels.

The top level is called "sadau" which literally translates as upstairs, and is accessible by means of a ladder.

As in the olden days, the "sadau" is mostly used to store up things that are seldom or rarely used. It serves just like the attic that you and me are familiar with. In modern long house, "sadau" also seconds as the living quarters.

Lower floor serves as both the living room and bedroom by the family. The transformation from bedroom to living room usually takes place as early as dawn and vice versa after dinner. You could easily notice the mattress ,dressing table and cupboard for clothes on the right hand corner of the pic.

Here you could see the "sadau". The lighting for the "sadau" is provided by sun rays. Most long houses have their own sky light roof so that the "sadau" is always lighted.

This view was taken as we are approaching the kitchen area. Eventually the whole space will be walled up and a room will be created.


cookies said...

Great blog, with the nice natural picture at there, success to you :)

Sahasi said...

Great natural blog... wonderful pictures... keep up the great work...

Lumina said...

The orbs in that first picture are amazing!


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