Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Long House: Outboard Engine

When your mode of transport is by river, outboard engine rules. The make and power is of uttermost important. Some model is the signature of your economic status and the number that you owned shows that you're a cut above others.

Outboard engines are just like cars. They are kept and secured in garage of their own. The owners do keep their engines in tip top condition by means of regular servicing and proper handling.

Propellers is very important , the type of which will ensure that your journey is smooth and safe. This is very very true if most of your journey is through low water, rocks and rapids. For this type of route, propellers type 1 and 2 from left is used. These propellers are the geared type which will ensure uninterrupted journey through rocks and low water level.

The 3rd propeller is the type that used cotter pin. This is only suitable for rivers that are deep and free from rocks or rapids. Pins of brass type will break easily and have to be changed whenever the propeller hits something solid. Steel type pin will not break easily, but a bit tricky to change whenever the propeller hit something solid, coz the pin will just bend.


RC Helicopter Pilot said...

outboard engine are just like cars..which smoothen the journey.but very complicated

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of traveling by water everywhere. As the cost of gas goes up here I'm seeing more boats and even four wheeled cars that are powered by people pedaling them like a bike. I could go to town by boat but it would be a long ride, or in my case a long paddle. Oh yea, I have a Mercury outboard 9.9 thats the only one but them I only have one car as well!


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