Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Long House : Ruai

Ruai is the common space between the "biliks" or rooms with the front portion of the longhouse.
This is also where most of the activities of the longhouse is being carried out. The one shown in this pic is very common nowadays.

This is how the typical ruai of the longhouse looks like. Rattan mats are used for sitting. During the day time, longhouse folks will flocks together to do their chores, chat or share stories. Here the temperature is cooler.

Sometimes the ruai is being used for temporary storage of goods, especially paddy. During the day time when the sun shine, the women will dry the paddy on mats placed on the longhouse compound. Until the the paddy is dried enough for milling, the ruai serves as the temporary store.

If you notice, every door of the ruai has a light and an electric fan. This appliances will only be used during the night time or there are VIP's. Normally, the biliks will used only their own generators. Those in the ruai used generator which is meant for common usage. Oh yes, electricity supply to rural areas are by means of diesel generators operated by individual long house.

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