Monday, October 27, 2008

Take a break

Tonite, wayang pacak was brought back to life donning a new name of layar bestari. Wayang pacak or layar bestari is an open air movie played using a projector which projected the image over an erected giant canvass screen. This was famous in the 70's when the Information Department travels through villages, explaining govt. policies to the rural masses. This type of approach was very successful then.

This is a very very rare sight. Roads were jammed with vehicles and the town square was full with people.

Mostly there were curious people as most of the present generation was not born yet then. I was one of those lucky ones. I could still remember that, boiled maize was the craze then. Corn was cooked using tins and sold at 10 cents each. Now it costs 10 times dearer.

Then the movie was still black and white. Most of the movies shown were about govt. policies and development that have been achieved. Once a while, hit movies were shown.

Tonite it was totally different, a modern drama was shown. In fact it was the first time it was shown to the masses. To make the occasion more memorable, both the MP and the Minister of Information were present.


Rose Ragai said...

i also have a chance to watch wayang pacak at my kampung when i was a kid...still remember we have to sit on the grass field under the trees..with mosquitoes..hmmm...but memorable..

FriDay dA FourtH said...

Was hoping to go there as well with all the hype and craze. Kapit town was sooo jammed that nite that I decided to make a U-turn and went straight back to my house. Manage to get a seat at Majlis Merarau the day after attended by Menteri Penerangan Malaysia. He made a promised that the plight of Kapit people for roads linking Kapit-Sibu will be heard and be brought up to the cabinet, followed but a round of applause.


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